IHireLegal Is A Niche Job Board

Posted by - Admin / January 25th, 2010

iHireLegal is a niche job board specializing in legal and law jobs. They spend tens of thousands of dollars every month to ensure a fresh and continued supply of qualified, relevant candidates. Top search engine rankings and listings with the main job boards further ensure that employers can access resumes and applications from the best possible candidates.

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It Is Refreshing To See An Alternative To The More Expensive Job Boards

Posted by - Admin / July 2nd, 2010

It is refreshing to see an alternative to the more expensive job boards — and one that focuses on the legal profession, to boot! I found your site easy to navigate and well-maintained — it made my search for a legal secretary easier that sifting through the irrelevant information on the “generic” job boards. Thanks!

Scott – Bergthold Scottsdale, AZ